Admissions Guide

Admissions Guide

Step 1. When you click on the Apply Online tab, you will be asked to set up a temporary Login ID and PIN. These are temporary and cannot be recovered if you forget them.

Step 2. Complete the application and send in the required documents

A. If you are stationed in Utah on active duty military orders, or are a Utah resident stationed outside the state, you and your spouse/dependents likely qualify for resident tuition rates. For veteran or military residency exemption, contact the DSU veterans office.

B. If you need to take placement exams click here for information.(Please see professional testing hours.)

Step 3. (Contact our office for admission fee waiver) Pay your application fee, click on “Pay online now” or visit the cashier at the Holland Centennial Commons Building 1st floor.

Step 4. After you have been accepted, make an appointment to meet with a the veteran advisor. (Checklist)

Step 5. If you are seeking a BS or BA degree, you will need to speak to an advisor in your degree field. DSU Advising Office

Step 6. Find out about your financial resources

A. Complete the FAFSA application. Once you are admitted and FAFSA application is completed, you will  receive additional information. (Financial Aid instructions)


B. Non-Resident Freshman Scholarship Waivers