Admissions Guide

NOTE: If you are stationed in Utah on active duty military orders, or are a Utah resident stationed outside the state, you and your spouse/dependents likely qualify for resident tuition rates. For veteran or military residency exemption or admissions fee waiver, contact the DSU veterans office.

To obtain a fee waivers code when applying for the first time at Dixie State University (evidence of Honorable, General under Honorable circumstances or current service will be required)  Please contact the Veteran Success Center for more information.


  1. Complete FAFSA online DSU code: 003671
  2. Guide for setting up FSA ID:
  3. Complete other requirements: if you are selected for verification (a routine review of your FAFASA) you will be notified by email. You will need to complete one or more verification forms and submit copies of your federal taxes (if you did not file we may need a copy of the Verification of Non-Filing from the IRS). Once verification is complete, DSU will submit any necessary FAFSA corrections before awarding you. If you are eligible for aid you requested, we will send you a financial aid offer notice by dmail.
  4. Review and accept your awards. Once you receive your financial aid notice, log into MyDixie to review and accept your aid. If you are accepting a student loan, be sure you have completed the additional steps:
  5. Complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN)
  6. Complete Authorization to Credit Account form (this will be in your MyDixie account or you can pick a copy up at the Financial Aid Desk or find it online Authorization to Credit Account form)
Day 1Complete FAFSA online application at least 10 weeks before start date.
Day 3-5DSU processes application
Day 6-8DMAIL notification of award or notification of additional *verification requirement
*Day 1Complete verification requirements online
*Day 3-5DSU processes verification
*Day 6-8DMAIL notification of award
Pell Grants are automatically accepted for the student
Loans require additional steps to accept (see steps above)
**5-7 days before school startsPell grants and loans will pay out 5-7 days before the start of school if the process has been completed on time and award letter received before the start date. **Freshmen have an additional 30 day wait time for the disbursement of a loans.


   Still have a question?

Submit a Question to VA

Steve Roberts

Director of Veteran and Military Services


Phone: 435-652-7699

Fax: 435-879-4005

Office: Browning 116